Why Nourishment and Not Nutrition?

Proper cell nourishment leads to both the prevention and elimination of disease.

Nutrition has two sides: a. an upside that only highlights the nutrients in foods and beverages, and b. a downside where both nutrient and health disruptors lay. Let’s discuss the downside of nutrition which nutritionist have been avoiding like the plague. Nutrition is the process of transferring tissue contents and molecules to the digestive system by eating and drinking.

Nutrients are in the form of food, water, beverage and supplement molecules. A department of nutrition has been created in many universities and colleges to teach nutrition. The purpose of teaching nutrition is not to teach people how to chew food and drink water or a beverage but rather how to use scientific research to enlighten the general public on the dietary habits that will help to eradicate diseases and promote health.

The downside of nutrition is that it creates the illusion that eating a balanced diet and taking vitamins is the right way to prevent disease. It is not. A person can eat right and still suffer illness. There are over 3000 ailments that eating vitamin and mineral-enriched foods alone will never help us to prevent or cure. It is nutritional research that has not gone far enough.

Nourishment is a part of the field of Symptometry and Applied Therapeutic Science, which could be perceived as the natural extension of medical diagnostics, conventional medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and naturopathy, teaching what the above listed disciplines don’t teach. They are not teaching you about the various health disruptors in fruits, legumes, vegetables, cooking oils, and grains that make people sick every day.

And they are not teaching or helping their patients avoid the chemicals, acids, cyanide, oxlic acid, prussic acid, salicylates, valerics acids and alkali, or about the how the harmful effects of processed foods are damaging their bodies.

Therefore, teaching that fruits and vegetables are healthy and that they supply fresh nutrients is inaccurate. Also, teaching that eggs, fish, seafood and meat supply only protein is very misleading. Some of these items carry heavy metals.

Our nourishment program aims to educate and help our patients learn that when cells are congested or they are deficient in certain nutrients they cause behaviors or symptoms that signal a deviation from normalcy. Since nutrition and conventional medicine or traditional medical practitioners cannot solve this problem at the cellular level, our Symptometry’ Appied Therapeutic Science based Nourishment Programs steps in to provide our patients with the education and guidance they need. Symptometry has to step in to provide root cause therapeutics to remove the health disruptors in the things we consume and are exposed to and to stop the dangers they pose to human life.

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