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“50% Money Back Guarantee.”

We Won’t Let You Fail’ with our 90 Day Treatment Protocol Monthly Appointment Guarantee. We promise 1-on-1 help to help you achieve your health goals; however, for us to reduce or eliminate specific health issues, we will need a full commitment from you to maintain a certain number of appointments per month for up to 90 days in order to assist you in your “Healthy Lifestyle and Habit Changes.”

Risk-Free Guarantee. We stand by our guarantee. Give Sustaining Life Wellness Center an honest try for 90 days of POWERFUL Wellness Transformation and Relief; follow our treatment protocol and if you have not become loyal like our other patients, we will happily refund up to 50% of your treatment cost. No other North Carolina Acupuncturist will ever touch our PROVEN RESULTS-BASED SERVICE and iron-clad guarantee — EVER!

If you are the kind of person who accepts responsibility for your health and your life, then you’ll want to avail yourself of every 'weapon' available in your commitment to fight whatever disease or health issues that you have. However, to make things very clear, we are NOT stating that we can cure all diseases and or health issues, just that we have case studies and testimonials from other patients who have experienced a major change in their health.

Take advantage of our $95 Initial EXAM offer. It's the responsible thing to do. You'll be glad you did. Sustaining Life Wellness Center® offers you peace of mind.

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