Welcome to Winston Salem's First Mini- Spau and Massage Experience

Couple having spa treatment in salon. 

We have created the Triad's only Mini Spau Experience to help our clients not only relax, but restore a healthy balance to specific health challenges that they may have. “We Touch More Lives, By Creating More Healing.”


The global spa industry is growing at a very rapid pace. As professional massage therapists strive to keep up with changing trends and consumer behavior, as they prepare for further growth, there will be an increasing need for better service models that are more reflective of how old world spau’s were operated. Though there are some high-end spas in the U.S. that resemble some of this old world types of spas, many don’t fully focus on the healing side, these high-end spas generally don't work with patients on their chronic diseases and other health related problems

The word "spa" is rooted in the Latin language and means "salus per aquam." Often it is translated as "health from water."

The term "spa" can be traced back to a mineral hot springs in a Belgian village called Spau. Traditionally people flocked to spau for health related reasons believing they could find rejuvenation in the healing waters. Historically defined as a location possessing a mineral spring. the concept of a spa has evolved considerably over time. The birth of the spau concept can really be attributed to the Romans, who engaged in both private and public healing baths for centuries.

Another reference claims Hungarian origins for the word "SPA" which has since become a generic expression referring to natural mineral springs and areas where people come to relax. Other cultures have long enjoyed spa-like activities. including the Turkish hammam, the Finland sauna. and the Russian batlya. The Japanese, ton, have long been known for health-related activities centering on the nation's hot spring.

European spas traditionally have viewed spas as a venue for the treatment of illnesses and the prevention of future ailments. In addition, Europeans also placed special emphasis on the importance of spas to reduce every day stressors. In contrast, traditional men spas maintain their focus on wellness by offering programs built around nutrition, exercise, and beauty.

The Rise of the Modern Spa

The two world wars and the rise of modern medicine; ie. Big Pharma and Big Medical did much to reduce the fortunes of the great spa cities. Europe still has a healthy bathing tradition, as can be seen in the great baths of Germany and the thalassotherapy spas of France, Spain and Italy.

Here in America, people began to see hot springs and mineral spas as antiquated and attendance plummeted.

At Timeless  Spau and Body Works, We specialize in Spau Treatment Packages for improved Health, Massage, and Energy Work Treatments, also ASK about out Classes.


Looking For Ways to Promote Optimal Natural Health

   Try Our Chemical Free 

"Impressions of Beauty Package" 


It’s directly related to “tension” levels of the face, head & neck muscles, which have a detrimental effect on the skin impeding energy & circulation of the head; may result from certain habitual expressions to any pain, tension & emotions held in the body. 

“The natural beauty solution” is possible. The natural combination for correction & relaxation, is what our “Women’s Rejuvenating Spau Experience” for maximum facial beauty & rejuvenation is about. We have the healthiest combination of correction & relaxation at “Sustaining Life Wellness Center,” for you. Our treatments will assist you with your problem areas & conditions such as deep facial lines, unsightly wrinkles, dry & listless skin, clogged pores, or large pores. You’ll get great, healthy-looking complexion & confidence in your appearance. You have your natural glow back, wear it proudly as you step out looking & feeling your best, renewed & confident with the new you.

Let the Healing begin….  This beauty package—consists of skin exfoliation/detoxifying clay for deep pore cleansing freeing the skin of impeding conditions and free to breathe and absorb all the goodness. Cold stone facial includes hot and cold towel application/ 100% natural oxygenating oils/ a hydrating-Rose Honey massage plumping reaches beneath your skins outer level to the lowest levels of your skin to revitalize your facial nerves & blood vessels in order to stimulate a more healthier & vibrant facial response.

Acupuncture, cupping and gua sha further increases blood circulation, stimulates collagen & improves muscles tone while enhancing the elasticity of your skin. It reduces the signs of wear & tear that unwanted stress brings along with premature aging.

Several treatment plans are available to enhance your overall health & appearance, bring back that confident attitude reflected in your natural and happy face.

As part of our Impressions of Beauty Package you can add on Back Treatments!

Seaweed Marine Enzymes-Rich with bioactive stem cells, with a detoxifying and healing back treatment, for a powerful surge of hydration, reduced inflammation, replenish natural collagen. Or you can choose a dry brush back massage and a finishing Cactus Rose Back Treatment. Back Treatment a relaxing way to cleanse, moisturize & hydrate and smooth the skin while increasing absorption of the natural ingredients applied for a smoother glowing, healthy looking skin.

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The Spau De-Stress Package

It is very beneficial in the relief of stressed tension of the body, mind, emotional and chemical stresses of life. It activates your sympathetic nervous system, releasing stress hormones throughout your body, and when there’s no relief, no downtime, is when it becomes a problem. It becomes “distress,” with a negative stress reaction.

There are ways to manage and alleviate the specific type of stress you are facing. Anxiety, tense muscle, body aches, insomnia or sleep problems, headaches, skin problems, impatience or short temper, back pain, etc. We’re here to help you feel your best.

The best solution is a “Natural Solution.” Don’t let stress become your “distress” a negative stress reaction. We will assist you in managing & alleviating your stress. Take a moment from your busy life and schedule an appointment for the specific type of stress you facing today. Stress Kills!

Discover the root cause of your problem & solution now! Your life depends on it.

Balance” your mind, body, & spirit and surrender to the benefits of this Spau package, designed to soothe your body, relax your soul, calm your spirit and feel your best.

Stress? What Stress?

Don’t allow Tension & Stress to build up, why live with constant pain and discomfort Schedule an Appointment Today!  Say Good-Bye to  Stress  and Hello to feeling great !      

The Good, Bad, & Ugly... Good stress VS. Bad stress   

Did you know there’s good stress and bad stress? It’s important to know you are stressed  and manage wipe it out; you can build a relationship with your stresses and manage your reactions to them. Healthy stress—kicks in to protect you when you need it by giving you a sense of focus and motivates you to rise to the occasion. Even in times of emergency, stress can save your life.
Harmful stress—causes physical, mental, emotional aches, pains, and suffering. It can cause your body and mind to overreact to situations, resulting in:

  • Digestive problems
  • Weight Fluctuation
  • Heart disease
  • Depression

 And a host of other issues that no one desires or deserves.

It’s time to manage the good, the bad, and the ugly faces of stress in your life, such as: Identifying your stress. What stresses you out,--how you react to it. There’s a host of physical and mental reactions to stress. Understanding how it manifests in your life is the 1st step to finding Balance = Well being. It’s essential to combat stressful reactions, prevents them from arising in the future. Keep your body at peak condition, and you’ll feel lighter and more energized, then you can manage your life in Balance.

Stillness, daily meditation is one of best tool to counteract stress, and your brain’s bias to hold onto negativity. Your body releases stress and reverses the fight-or-flight response. The negative stress generated within you from the response can be harmful to your health.

Practice “Gratitude”-it’s a powerful force you can use to expand your happiness—helps you cope with stress experience greater emotional well being and health. “Just to Name a Few…” Don’t you feel grateful when you are feeling great? Feeling pain free?

All Things Natural

The Cure; The solution is never found at the level of the problem. Our Internal & External Spau Detoxification Package is like no other.

A Restorative & De-Congestive Therapy

Detoxification is the physiological removal of toxic substances from the body, which is mainly carried out by the liver. The question is what happens to the liver when it’s taxed by loads and loads of toxins in our water, our food, and our air via house hold chemicals, toxic cosmetics for skin and hair, skin being the largest organ of entry for your body, the chemtrails  sprayed  in our sky  polluting the oxygen that fills our lungs and so much more. It’s Biochemical warfare. Think about this….when was the last time you had an internal detoxification?  Food for thought…You clean your skin with soap and water when u bathe, but what do you think is going on inside where it counts, and your system has no idea what to do with inorganic and poisonous substances? Where does it go?

The removal of metabolic waste, interstitial spaces (found between cells & circulatory vessels) and cleansed thru manual therapies are cleaned, leading to ideal conditions of healthy cellular upkeep within the body.

A Specialized Cleanse Program


  • Foot detoxifying soak and Jacuzzi treatment healing formula
  • A specialized Healing Reflexology Treatment you’ll never forget!
  • Oracular Acupuncture Treatment.

Deep Cleanse

Continued body detoxification and cleanse treatment, specialized deep pore cleans, polish, and oxygenating oil massage: Restore--Regenerate--Rejuvenate!

We are totally committed to giving you the best natural therapies and helping you feel “Refreshed & Energized

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The Unisex Full Back Spau Experience

Take a moment and re-evaluate how your back is feeling at this moment, and consider these questions:

  • Do you have a dry, itchy back?
  • Do you carry tension, tightness & stress in your lower back, back, neck, and shoulders?
  • How long have you neglected your back?

Dry skin conditions can prolong healing processes.

We have a package just for you. We offer you a fabulous opportunity to treat your hard to reach back with a great looking back this summer. Got “sunburn?” No problem! We have a cooling skin nourishing treatment for you.

You are improving the overall health and appearance of your body & skin. This Package offers you many therapeutic benefits such as:

  • Deep cleans & detoxification.
  • Improves skin tone & texture, thru moisturizing and hydrating

Benefit: Most of all physical & emotional balance by feeling your best & looking great!

Remember! The skin is the largest organ in the body & it plays a much vital role as the first defense against infection. Natural healthy skin creates a barrier to keep moisture in and infectious agents out. Also, we offer it naturally and non intrusive!  No chemicals, peels, abrasion, fillers. treat your skin with beneficial natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intended, by boosting the natural healing processes that occur within the body.

All Things NaturalChronic Pain Package


Take time this moment to re-evaluate your condition by considering these questions:

Do you suffer daily from the pain in the body, related to tension, tightness, lack of flexibility?
Are you having some problems sleeping at night?
Do you experience restlessness and or anxiety due to your condition? What else does it trigger?
How much do you value your health? Is your health a priority?


If you are desperately, especially when it comes to eliminating or reducing your chronic symptom, seek relief or elimination of your immediate problems related to chronic  conditions you may be experiencing. Don’t wait any longer.

We will help  you  with personalized treatment and consultation. Offering you a natural remedy that can assist you in investigating the “Root Cause” of your problems where we can then help you with the very best solutions to your specific level of complication with chronic pain.

Benefits: Live, pain-free! Get a good night sleep; work & play harder. Feel like a kid again!     Great Flexibility and Mobility

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“All Things Natural” Chronic Pain Package

The Problem: Is Inflammation, Stress and a lack of Exercise.

Take time this moment to re-evaluate your condition by considering these questions:

Do you suffer daily from the pain in the body, related to tension, tightness, lack of flexibility?
Are you having some problems sleeping at night?
Do you experience restlessness and or anxiety due to your condition? What else does it trigger?
How much do you value your health? Is your health a priority?


If you are desperately, especially when it comes to eliminating or reducing your chronic symptom, seek relief or elimination of your immediate problems related to your chronic pain condition, don’t wait for any longer. Contact us at Sustaining Life Wellness Center.

We offer a natural remedy that can assist you in investigating the “Root Cause” of your problems where we can then help you with the very best solutions to your specific level of complication with chronic pain.

Benefits: Live, pain-free! Get a good night sleep; work & play harder. Feel like a kid again!

Great Flexibility and Mobility

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The Benefits of Massage

Massage in general: relieves muscle tension, calms and restore the body/mind connection, moves stuck energy, stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system. Massage also can assist in the efforts of people working to detoxify the body and acquiring better health.

When muscles are manually manipulated with proper pressure and skill from a knowledgeable massage therapist, then tissue release, stuck fluids, toxins, tension, stress and pain is released. Massage assists the release of endorphin hormones.  

Remember: to always drink plenty of water after a massage to help flush your system of freed toxins and fluids.


Relaxation massage: helps you unwind and relax into yourself by calming the body/mind connection while naturally releasing endorphins giving you a deep sense of peace, rest, and an overall good sense of well being.   

-- 60 Min. Session / $75.00

Firm to Deep massage :  the aim is in releasing or reducing Pain, tension, anxiety, limited range of motion, and joint pain due to built up stresses and toxins in the body.  Ask about our cupping and gua sha massage.

-- 80 Min. and 2-Hour Sessions Available. / $80 and $120.00  

Foot Reflexology :  Is a natural & ancient form of healing. Its application is firm yet gentle, working the reflexes of the feet which are connected energetically to specific organs and body parts through energy channels in the body…while giving you a sense of total relaxation & well being.  Ease tension in the body, quiets mental chatter, soothes the emotions and more. Our signature foot reflexology  also provides healing stones. FEET represent our roots and foundation.

 --60 Min. Session / $75.00

Cold Stone Facial :  Has amazing benefits in pain relief of sinus headache and pressure, stress, fatigue , calming and quieting the over active mind. Also as a beauty treatment calming the skin, lifting and firming the face.

 -- 1 hour Session; Includes Neck and Shoulder / $120


Peppermint Scalp Massage:  Clears your head & cools the mind. It provides deep relaxation, ease headaches, stimulates the scalp, releasing tension. Calms & soothes, and enhances your well being. It’s great for sinus allergies along with the cold stone facial treatment. Peppermint is a great decongestant.  The Big Bonus here is Peppermint helps decongest clogged hair follicles & as a blend with another, stimulate hair growth & memory by its ability to increase blood circulation around the scalp. It’s also effective as an    Anti dandruff treatment. 

Add 15 Minutes / $15.00

Sound Therapy : is healing with sound also called vibration medicine which allows your body to heal itself by slowing  down your brain waves, which affects every cell in your body, shifting them from diseased to being in ease aligning whatever you need. Some of the supposed benefits of sound healing include: stress reduction, decreases mood swings, lowers blood pressure, improved sleep. Sound healing uses different aspects of sound to improve your emotional and physical well being. The use of tuning forks, singing bowls, harp, drums and voice to name a few.  Tuning fork therapy uses calibrated metal tuning forks to apply specific vibrations to different parts of the body. This can help release tension and energy and promote emotional balance. Tuning fork therapy may help relieve muscle and bone pain.

Add 15 Minutes / $15.00

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